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News: Chicagoland Soccer Players to Watch

By Patrick Z. McGavin , 04/21/23, 2:45PM CDT


History and tradition matter here.


For the seventh-consecutive year, Chicagoland Soccer presents the top prospects among its subscribing teams. 


The Players to Watch roster spotlights the top players within the 48-member teams who make Chicagoland Soccer possible. 


This list has parallels and clear affinities with Chicagoland Soccer’s end-of-the-season All-State, LittleAll-State, Special Mention and All-State Watch List teams that are open to all Illinois soccer players on IHSA-sanctioned teams, regardless of private or public schools.


The selection criteria measures include individual skill, contribution to team success, performance relative to quality of competition and high-profile game performance.


This list is composed of players with the projected greatest impact for their team, the games and the give-and-take nature of the season. 


As we approach the crucial part of the season, it has become possible to better identify the top prospects. With so many teams, this list helps the fan and observer identify the top talents.


The list encompasses elite college prospects among the many top players who will end their varsity careers in high school. Either may shape the season through the end of the state tournament in June.


With the current campaign at a crucial juncture, the time is now to cast a light on the players who have provided either a proven track record or demonstrated the early promise that makes them one to watch.


The list is alphabetically arranged, with each player listed by school, position and class year.

The list is more curatorial than inclusive. Other players are likely to make their names and build their reputations as the season pushes forward. 


The players listed here have already warranted a further look.


Ashlyn Adams, Wheaton Warrenville South, forward, sophomore
Maddie Aderholt, Willowbrook, keeper, senior
Taylor Ahmadian, Waubonsie Valley, midfielder, junior
Halie Ahrens, Willowbrook, defender, sophomore
Viviana Alba, Bartlett, forward, junior
Hana Allen, Glenbard West, forward, freshman
Emma Amberg, Lemont, forward, junior
Claire Andrzejewski, St. Francis, midfielder, sophomore
Sara Armstrong, Grayslake Central, midfielder, junior
Brianna Avalos, Morton, defender, senior

Claire Baim, Glenbrook South, midfielder/forward, senior
Lauren Balster, St. Charles North, defender, senior
Kaylee Bannack, Metea Valley, defender, senior
Lauren Barnett, Wheaton Warrenville South, forward, senior
Brooke Baumann, Bartlett, midfielder/defender, senior
Cydnie Bayless, Metea Valley, midfielder, junior
Chloe Beach, Glenbrook South, forward, freshman
Ali Beck, Hersey, defender/midfielder, senior
Briyana Bellis, Lane, forward/midfielder, senior
Becca Berkeley, Rochelle Zell, forward, junior
Paige Bingen, Lemont, midfielder, senior
Hannah Blaha, St. Francis, keeper, senior
Nicole Bobcik, Lemont, defender, senior
Eva Boer, Burlington Central, midfielder, senior
Zoey Bohmer, Wheaton North, keeper, junior
Jackie Bollinger, Oak Park and River Forest, keeper, junior
Claire Brady, Loyola, midfielder, sophomore
Ellie Bradley, Loyola, keeper, senior
Molly Brennan, Willowbrook, midfielder, senior
Brooke Brown, Barrington, midfielder, senior
Sophia Brown, Glenbard West, forward, senior
Lucy Burk, Metea Valley, forward, junior
Ella Burke, Naperville Central, defender/midfielder, senior
Rachel Burns, Benet, midfielder, senior

Lauren Caldwell, New Trier, forward/midfielder, senior
Francesca Cali, Lake Park, midfielder, junior
Anni Caliendo, Hersey, defender, senior
Ava Callaway, Glenbard West, keeper, junior
Carolina Capizzi, Lyons, midfielder/forward, freshman
Brooke Carlson, Batavia, midfielder, junior
Grace Carman, Lane, midfielder, sophomore
Payton Carney, Carmel, defender/midfielder, junior
Kennedi Carpenter, De La Salle, forward/midfielder, sophomore
Anna Casmere, Benet, forward, senior
Thanya Castelan, Waubonsie Valley, midfielder/forward, sophomore
Annie Chang, Naperville North, forward, junior
Citlali Chavez, Morton, midfielder/forward, senior
Ainsley Christensen, Young, defender, sophomore
Paige Chrustkowski, St. Francis, forward, junior
Ava Cismoski, Hersey, midfielder, senior
Shannon Clark, Benet, keeper, senior
Brianna Clasen, Neuqua Valley, forward, junior
Kara Claussner, St. Charles North, keeper, senior
Lilly Coats, Geneva, midfielder/defender, junior
Ahava Cohen, Rochelle Zell, midfielder, sophomore
Elana Cohen, Rochelle Zell, forward, junior
Imani Coleman, De La Salle, midfielder/forward, junior
Katie Condon, Glenbrook South, midfielder, junior
Kate Connolly, North Shore Country Day, forward, freshman
Sarah Constantine, Lake Forest, keeper, junior
Ella Couri, Loyola, forward, senior
Lily Cran, Lake Forest, forward, senior
Karissa Cruz, South Elgin, keeper, senior

Bella D’Amore, Carmel, midfielder, junior
Shayna daSilva, Evanston, midfielder, senior
Fionna Davis, Wheaton Academy, midfielder, junior
Cameron DeCook, Naperville North, forward, senior
Claire DeCook, Naperville North, forward, freshman
Janelle Defensor, South Elgin, midfielder, senior
Clara Deliduka, New Trier, defender/midfielder, junior
Annabella DeMaio, Lemont, forward, freshman
Riley DiBiase, Batavia, midfielder, senior
Ella Dihel, South Elgin, midfielder/forward, junior
Katie Dinsmore, Grayslake Central, defender/keeper, senior
Lida Dodge, New Trier, midfielder, senior
Julianna Drew, Geneva, midfielder, senior
Bridget Durkin, Evanston, midfielder, freshman
Elle Dvorak, Fenwick, defender, senior

Ava Elders, Burlington Central, midfielder, senior
Ava Elliott, Hinsdale Central, defender, senior
Avery Ellis, Lane, forward, senior
Ryane Emory, Deerfield, forward, sophomore
Zoe Evans, Waubonsie Valley, defender, junior

Hannah Fedinec, Downers South, keeper, junior
Patricia Felder, Jones, defender, senior
Lily Figueras, Batavia, forward, senior
Rania Fikri, Benet, midfielder, junior
Krystal Flores, Downers South, midfielder, senior
Maggie Fitzgerald, Naperville North, midfielder/defender, senior
Jordan Forbes, Geneva, keeper, junior
Emily Fix, Carmel, forward, senior
Emily Fox, Deerfield, midfielder, junior

Ceci Galarza, Waubonsie Valley, forward/midfielder, junior
Celeste Garton, Young, defender, senior
Gemma Gillespie, Fremd, defender, junior
Alyssa Gluting, Metea Valley, junior, keeper
Katge Goray, Downers North, forward, senior
Abby Gosling, Wheaton North, defender, senior
Lauren Gottlieb, Deerfield, keeper, junior
Niamh Griffin, Lyons, forward, senior
Anya Gulbrandsen, Oswego East, midfielder, junior

Veronica Hamilton, Oswego East, defender, senior
Kailey Hansen, Batavia, midfielder, senior
Piper Harborth, Wheaton North, midfielder, sophomore
Anna Hartman, Carmel, forward, junior
Kate Hartnett, Wheaton Warrenville South, forward, senior
Carolyn Harvey, Wheaton Warrenville South, midfielder, senior
Rilee Hasegawa, Geneva, forward, senior
Ava Henne, Grayslake Central, midfielder, freshman
Alaina Hernandez, Reavis, midfielder, junior
Ava Hodel, Wheaton North, defender, senior
Madison Hoffman, Grayslake Central, midfielder/defender, sophomore
Morgan Hoffmann, Oswego East, defender, senior
Paige Hogberg, Warren, defender, senior
Riley Hoskins, Lake Forest, defender, senior
Macy Hutchinson, Wheaton North, forward, senior

Emily Ibarra, Glenbrook South, defender,senior
Gianna Imperatrice, Bartlett, forward, senior

Safa Jeffery, Neuqua Valley, forward, sophomore
Gwen Johnson, Glenbard West, forward, senior

Talia Kaempf, Wheaton North, forward, sophomore
Grace Kapsch, Fenwick, forward, junior
Tyra King, Metea Valley, forward, senior
Avery Kingsepp, Deerfield, midfielder, junior
Adeline Kinsella, South Elgin, midfielder, junior
Sophie Kirsten, St. Charles North, midfielder, senior
Ariel Kite, Evanston, keeper, senior
Keira Kleidon, Oak Park and River Forest, midfielder, junior
Carter Knotts, Hinsdale Central, midfielder, senior
Moira Koleno, Young, midfielder/forward, sophomore
Madison Konen, Carmel, forward, senior
Claire Kostolansky, Glenbard West, midfielder, senior
Megan Kron, Bartlett, keeper, sophomore
Bella Krummenacher, Deerfield, forward, freshman
Emilia Kuca, Reavis, midfielder, senior

Jordan Lange, Metea Valley, forward, senior
Selma Larbi, Neuqua Valley, forward, sophomore
Elle Larson, Downers North, forward, sophomore
Chandlar Lay, Lyons, defender/forward, senior
Aaliyah Leanos, Morton, forward, junior
Jocelyn Leigh, Evanston, forward, junior
Ruby Levy, Deerfield, midfielder, junior
Alexa Liapis, Lake Park, midfielder, sophomore
Haley Lindquist, Burlington Central, midfielder, senior
Addison Liszka, Downers North, midfielder, junior
Mackenzie Loomis, St. Charles East, defender, junior
Gweny Lopez, Oak Park and River Forest, midfielder, junior
Kenzie Lorkowski, Burlington Central, keeper, freshman
Mia Loza, De La Salle, midfielder/forward, senior
Sissi Loza, De La Salle, midfielder, sophomore
Kate Lubinsky, Barrington, forward, senior
Piper Lucier, Barrington, forward, sophomore

Reese MacDonald, Benet, defender, senior
Kara Machala, St. Charles East, midfielder, senior
Caroline Madden, Geneva, midfielder, junior
Haleigh Manske, Wheaton Academy, forward/defender, senior
Julia Marinaccio, Hinsdale Central, defender, junior
Lily Mayer, Fremd, forward, freshman
Cate McDonnell, Hinsdale Central, midfielder, junior
Samantha McPhee, Oswego East, keeper, senior
Mia McRoberts, Jones, forward, senior
Arly Melchor, Warren, midfielder, sophomore
Adriana Merriam, Evanston, midfielder, senior
Reese Mertens, Warren, midfielder, junior
Reese Meyers, North Shore Country Day, midfielder, freshman
Lauren Milani, Neuqua Valley, midfielder, junior
Jillian Miller, Carmel, midfielder, junior
Aubrey Molinari, Downers South, defender, sophomore
Ana Morales, Oswego East, forward, sophomore
Caroline Mortonson, Lyons, midfielder, sophomore
Meg Mrowicki, Hersey, forward, senior
Kiera Mullarkey, Fenwick, midfielder/forward, sophomore

Bella Najera, St. Charles North, forward, junior
Josie Noble, New Trier, forward/midfielder, junior
Meghan Noe, Glenbrook South, midfielder, senior
Megan Norkett, Naperville Central, midfielder, senior

Peyton Olinski, Lake Park, midfielder, senior
Katie O'Malley, Lyons, forward, senior
Suraiyya Omar, North Shore Country Day, midfielder/forward, senior
Mia Ortega, De La Salle, midfielder, junior
Eleanor Oster, Waubonsie Valley, defender, junior

Annie Paden, New Trier, midfielder, junior
Maddy Panveno, Hinsdale Central, midfielder, senior
Christina Papadatos, Glenbrook South, defender, senior
Emma Paraskos, Warren, defender, senior (injured)
Julianna Park, St. Charles north, midfielder, junior
Caroline Patterson, Jones, midfielder, senior
Jillian Paulson, Wheaton Academy, defender, senior
Isabella Perski, Lemont, midfielder/forward, senior
Grace Petrina, Neuqua Valley, midfielder, junior
Emily Petring, Downers South, forward, senior
Keira Petrucelli, Benet, midfielder/forward, sophomore
Emily Pikarski, Loyola, defender, senior
Grace Platt, Wheaton Academy, midfielder, junior
Josie Pochocki, Lyons, midfielder, junior

Ava Ramsey, Grayslake Central, midfielder, junior
Grace Rappel, Downers South, defender, senior
Mia Raschke, St. Charles East, forward, senior
Mary Rau, Lane, midfielder/forward, senior
Olivia Rawls, Geneva, forward, junior
Fiona Roche, Fenwick, midfielder, junior
Lauren Roche, Young, midfielder, junior
Jane Rogers, Wheaton North, forward, freshman
Maddie Rogowski, Fenwick, midfielder, junior
Carolina Rondelli, Jones, midfielder, senior
Carisma Rosales, Morton, midfielder, junior
Emma Rosenthal, Oswego East, defender, senior
Sophia Roszkowski, St. Francis, midfielder, junior
Rebecca Ruggiero, Naperville Central, midfielder
Cate Ryan, Oak Park and River Forest, midfielder, senior

Stephanie Salmeron, Morton, midfielder, sophomore
Cassie Salviola, Neuqua Valley, defender, senior
Ellie Sanchez, Barrington, defender, senior
Hanna Sands, Lake Forest, defender, junior
Sarah Sarnowski, Barrington, midfielder, senior
Alli Saviano, St. Charles East, midfielder, junior
Leah Saxe, Fremd, midfielder, senior
Bella Scesniak, Fremd, defender, junior
Rebecca Schulenburg, Wheaton Academy, midfielder, junior
Cassandra Schumacher, Young, forward, sophomore
Morgan Scott, Jones, defender, senior
Ellianna Seeley, Loyoila, defender, senior
Faith Sena, Hersey, midfielder, senior
Haley Serna, Wheaton Academy, forward, senior
Kristiyana Sevova, Lane, midfielder, junior
Malia Shen, Naperville Central, forward
Lily Shure, Evanston, forward/midfielder, junior
Ella Simpson, Lemont, midfielder, sophomore
Erika Smiley, Oswego East, forward, senior
Olivia Smycz, Reavis, forward/defender, junior
Claire Snodgrass, Hinsdale Central, forward, junior
Kendall Snodgrass, Lake Forest, forward, junior
Avery Solomon, Batavia, midfielder, senior
Addison Stanciak, Warren, forward, sophomore
Ella Stehman, St. Charles East, forward, senior
Addison Stizmann, Naperville North, defender, freshman
Daisy Stone, North Shore Country Day, forward, sophomore
Riley Strcic, Metea Valley, midfielder, senior
Jacey Sturek, Naperville North, midfielder, junior

Kaitlin Taylor, Barrington, midfielder, junior
Lauren Thorne, Naperville Central, forward, junior
Yamileth Torres, Reavis, forward, senior

Lesly Ulloa, South Elgin, defender, senior

Kennedy Vannoy, Willowbrook, forward, senior
Ellie Vehovsky, Loyola, forward, junior
Abby Vichich, St. Charles North, defender, senior

Bella Walls, Geneva, defender, senior
Taylor Walk, Naperville Central, defender
Ava Walsh, Lake Forest, forward/defender, sophomore
Ava Walsh, Wheaton Warrenville South, midfielder, junior
Ellie Watts, Downers North, midfielder, senior
Zoey Weiss, Rochelle Zell, forward, senior
Riley Wengerd, Lyons, forward, junior (injured)
Nora Westol, New Trier, forward, senior
Grace Williams, St. Charles East, forward, senior
Mari Williams, Grayslake Central, forward, senior
Izzi Wirtz, Lyons, defender, junior
Ella Wozniak, St. Francis, forward, junior
Aiyana Wright, Jones, forward, freshman
Tess Wright, Oak Park and River Forest, defender, senior

Gwen Zimmerman, Fremd, forward, freshman
Kailyn Ziroli, Downers North, defender, senior